Just as a child must receive spiritual, moral and intellectual teaching to grow into responsible adulthood, so must a born again Christian be nourished to grow up in faith. This newly born believer should grow in the likeness of Christ, and the very person which takes charge of teaching believers is the Holy spirit “He shall teach you all things”(John 14:26). Let the Holy Spirit teach you…

Before we came into of faith, all of our education was humanistic and learned through the senses. But after a person is born again, the ministry of the Holy spirit is a relational education through the word of God. Let the Holy Spirit teach you

The teachings of the Holy spirit always lead believers towards lessons to be learned. He teaches believers to follow Christ. He enables them to serve the Lord of heaven and earth. He leads then to make pleasing the heavenly father their highest priority, because only in that is the true worth of life received. And only in pleasing the father does a person find his true identity as well as everlasting faith, hope and love.

The spiritual teaching of the Holy spirit is in progress naturally, in every field of our human will, feelings and intelligence. Through our will and emotions, the Holy spirit brings us into likeness of Christ. Through our intellect He works to make us realize the deeper meanings of the word of God. Let the Holy Spirit teach you

The Holy spirit’s teaching of the believer can be roughly divided into two methods: through the word of God and through the experiences of life. Before Jesus left this world, He repeatedly promised that the Holy spirit would come to teach the whole truth and enable believers to know and understand. (cc John 16:12-14).

let the Holy spirit teach you spiritualfeeds

Before Pentecost, the disciples did not understand the deeper truth of Jesus’s teaching. After Jesus was crucified and resurrected, their bewilderment was beyond description, they were at loss to know what to do. But after they received the Holy spirit at Pentecost, their lives changed drastically. They not only remember the teachings of Jesus concerning the Holy spirit, but they came to realize the inner meaning of the Word of God. They digested the truth for their own lives that they may grow.

And so it is with us. Though we try hard to study and comprehend the Word of God, unless we are filled with the Holy spirit, who in turn gives birth to a longing for His teachings, we can only cling to words that we do not understand. We remained bewildered and lead a fruitless life, lacking the deep gratitude for God’s glory that can be obtained through faithful obedience and service to God.

We cannot reach our full potential in Christ unless the Holy spirit of truth leads us to drink the true milk and honey of the Word which is spirit and life. Human reasoning cannot understand the word, understanding can only come through the revelation of the Spirit of God.

The Holy spirit also teaches us through trials and experiences of everyday life. We learn to desire God’s Will and follow the example of Christ. The trials and discipline enables us to claim the truth as our own, and allows us to find and understand the deeper understanding of the Word. Let the Holy Spirit teach you

Being born again and being filled with the Holy spirit can be compared to entering the “school” of the Holy spirit. The school has neither holiday nor vacation. The Bible says that when Jesus came up out of the water after being baptized, the heavens were opened and Holy spirit descended upon Him like a dove. Let the Holy Spirit teach you

Then, after Jesus returned from the Jordan filled with the Holy spirit, He was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted for 40days(cc Luke3:22 , 4:1-2). Of course the Holy spirit did not lead Jesus to be tempted so as to destroy Him. The temptation of the devil was only to discipline Him. Likewise, the Holy spirit is with us and teaches us, both when we sense the wonderful Grace and truth of God and when we feel like we’ve deserted in the wilderness. The Holy Spirit educates us so that our faith (centering on God) depending upon His word and love may grow.

You are unstoppable!

Love X Uju.


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