Gratitude For All Seasons.

And the children of Israel said to them, “Oh, that we had died by the hand of the Lord in the land of Egypt, when we sat by the pots of meat and when we ate bread to the full! For you have brought us out into this wilderness to kill this whole assembly with hunger.”Exodus 16:3

I learnt every season comes with its own trouble. You get somehow comfortable with the trouble you might have had in the previous seasons,somehow, you already know how to find your way around your troubles in that season but as God moves you to the next season of your life which is in form of elevation and favorable but because the new place coupled with its trouble is still unfamiliar, we tend to complain and wish we could go back,forgetting that getting to our promised land is a process that consist of seasons.

Look at the people of Isreal, you would say this ones are ungrateful according to the text above but isn’t that what we often do? No doubt, God’s mighty hand was upon them,He single handedly pulled them out of Egypt even when Pharaoh hardened his heart towards them leaving Egypt,He divided the red sea( literally imagine that by yourself) and drowning the Egyptian army when they came after them(this is a practical view of how the Lord fights our spiritual battles). He went before them,guiding them with pillar of fire by night and pillar of cloud by day.

They still complained and murmured, even desired to return to Egypt only because they faced one or little challenges and because you can’t see physically what God is doing or set to do. Being contented and grateful for the little(in our head because God never sees them as little) God has provided opens great doors.

Before I came to the city I currently reside,I had already planned on moving to Lagos the big city with a ready accomodation at Festac but God told me to go to another were at the time I had no contact —– I miraculously got a job as a receptionist in a resort,I earned N20,000 monthly,I had to stay in one of the parking stores due to accommodation issues. I literally started life afresh with nothing but had to be grateful even with the fact I saw my personal plans scattered my plans at the time. I got another job in a bank as a DSA,I was excited and all till the pressure of the job got to me at some point,i wished I never resigned from the other job(I was comfortable in that trouble that I couldn’t accept the trouble that came with this elevation).

As humans we there will be no way we won’t have unfamiliar times and season but have in mind that He has times and seasons in His hands, He knows what He’s doing, don’t let ungratefulness blind you from seeing the things the Lord is orchestrating. In this place you don’t let fear, comparisons,complains and ungratefulness set in, guard your heart. Don’t go by how things look, go deep into the word and make it your reality, trust me it will give you another perspective.

Majority are guilty of being ungrateful with the new seasons when things get tough,we complain,murmur,doubt,sometimes curse God.Be grateful,trust every process. Let to cultivate the habit and heart of gratitude. Believe that He who did it will do it again.

You are God’s masterpiece!

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