Power of Holiness.

Literally don’t know how to write on holiness but…..

When we make a decision to commit ourselves to the pursuit of holiness we need to ensure that our commitment is actually to God not to an invented holy lifestyle or a set of moral values.

Never toy with the power of Holiness,the mystery behind God is hidden in holiness. God is Holy and we should be holy as He is. Holiness can’t be taught or imparted,it is an intentional lifestyle (living like Jesus)— trust me when I say holiness is stronger than prayer but holiness without constant fellowship with God is just a moral uprightness.

The passage to destroy sin ( sin is in the flesh) is holiness. Holiness that is not practiced is hypocrisy and the highest form of Christianity is in its experientiality, for you to experience Christianity you have to obey every single word of God and making it a daily goal.

The former account I made, O Theophilus, of all that Jesus began both to do and teach. Act 1:1

From the above scripture,Jesus did before He taught. Holiness is a yeast,what yeast is to bread is what holiness is to anointing.There is power in holiness,God is glorious in holiness,He is fearful in praises but if you want to see His glory,it is in holiness.

We are all righteousness of God, not by works but because Christ is our righteousness,still,let me shock you, not all of us carry the Tangible presence of God. The tangible presence of God is born in holiness.Holy spirit is the spirit of holiness. The proof that you have the Holy spirit is not just to speak in tongues. The proof is that you cannot sin. Righteousness is imputed into us but holiness is a practice.

Characteristics of Holiness:
H = Humility
O = Obedience
L = Love
I = Integrity
N = Newness
E = Endurance
S = Self Denial
S = Sanctification

Some of us have all the fruit of the Holy spirit until it comes to forgiveness.

You cannot have the Holy spirit and tell lies( He is called the Spirit of truth).There is a level of God you can never carry until you grab holiness. For example, if I practice holiness and you don’t,even if we are both pastors,if I kneel down in prayers,what I get in 30 mins might take you 3 days. Thats the secret in ministry.Any fire you consciously keep in your blossom will burn you(sin). One time,I was craving so bad for the secret behind papa Adeboye—- I mean,he doesn’t speak big grammer like many preachers,the thing he says is —– Daddy said,daddy said……. Yet he has the highest followers and crowd. You know if you try that thing he’s doing,everyone will think you are insane. —- What is his secret? Habitual Holiness.

Note: The Lord is building His church. Revival is already here but they will ride on the wheel of Holiness. Remember grace is not a license to sin,grace is the platform to serve God better.

Prayer : Purge me Lord till I’m fully metamorphosed to be you.

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