Deliverance||How To Sustain It.

Child of God, the way deliverance has been portrayed to us is not what or how it should be. Deliverance is a process, sometimes it’s longer than we even want it to be.

First of all let have this confidence that we have been delivered 2000 years ago and it has been testified by Christ Jesus. What we do is claiming what legally belongs to us that the devil with his agents(the Marine kingdom, occultic world, strange power and altars, ancestral powers etc.) illegally laid claims to especially through the door of sin opened by us or our fore-fathers.

Somethings that held us bound weren’t caused by us in anyway, but don’t be scared for you are not alone in dealing with things and powers you know nothing about.

When we go through the process of deliverance, aside the laying on of hand, fasting, casting out, breaking and destroying whatever bondage it is, have this in mind that you don’t go back home and fold your hands or think you should do things casually, no ma/sir, it is time to rise.

Child of God the word of God and intimacy with God should be a priority. You need to eat it, digest it and let it bear fruit in you. Mutter it, carry it on your head(especially those going through heavy deliverance like I did).

It is in the word of God that you discover your identity, it is in the word of God that you know what you legally own, it is in the word of God that you know what your DNA is made up of as a child of God,it is in the word of God that you gain fresh revelations.

Take the word of God outside the deliverance process, trust me you will keep going in circles with your deliverance.

Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me.

When you yashal(be intimate) with the word (Jesus) you become one with Him, your spirit automatically absolves Him that when you pray, your words/tongues seizes to be empty, you automatically declares the written words.

Why do you need to become one with the word? Whatever was cast out of you 95% fights to come back, so when they do, they see that there are new occupant to their former house. I wish I can share my experience but the Lord has not yet permitted me to share my experiences yet.

Another vital key is to check your heart daily and make sure you guard it with your life from anything (the enemy’s properties) that can defile you like hatred, fears, offense, anger,lust of any kind(not only sexual), unhealthy desires etc.

More reason why you need daily purification from the word of God. So that everything about you will be patterned to the things of God. The thing you casted out is somewhere waiting for you to drag it back with these heart sins, give them no chance.

Don’t forget that Holiness(the God’s standard) can never be over emphasized during these process of deliverance. Run away from any form of impurity or whatever that might defile you. The enemy can imitate any other thing but Holiness(“Holiness the Jesus standard”)

Some people’s deliverance process are short, some people’s takes years but I advice you to stay on God for those that wait(stay) on the Lord shall renew their strength and mount up as eagles. Don’t rush out so quick with half deliverance, pay the price of staying and enjoy total breakthrough.

You are unstoppable!

2 thoughts on “Deliverance||How To Sustain It.

  1. See sir/ma it high time you begin to realise that millions of destinies are attached to your life!!… Because of your disobedience unseriousness and careless attitude to the things of d spirit, many might perish,,,you have a calling on your life!!!,,enough of those nonsense relationships!,,you have a calling!,,enough of sleeping all through d night!!,,you have a calling!!,,enough of spending hours online-GOD IS COUNTING ON U N THIS GENERATION WOULD YOU FAIL HIM!!!!,,OUR FATHERS OF FAITH ARE AGING ALREADY!,,what is this generation doing?,,what are you doing???😭😭😭😭

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