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Following Jesus In Totality ||The Heart Journey.

It’s pertinent to note how we don’t understand what Paul wrote about in Acts 17:28. He said “in Christ” which explains that in Christ from which we got the word Christianity is not an end of a journey but beginning. #following Jesus

Confessing and accepting Christ (salvation) is the beginning of an entire journey for you will have to live and walk (movement) in Him……. The journey is following Jesus with all totality, with all your heart adding nothing else to it.

For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man in exchange for his soul? Matthew 16:26

There is always a continuous longing in the heart of men that can only be satisfied following Jesus. A rich man came to ask Jesus what he must do to be saved. (Literally think about that question).

“What will it profit a man…….” This sentence shows that following Jesus is a business/transaction meaning the man who owns the soul must pay for the exchange with his soul/heart, how?

following Jesus

Following Jesus in totality with your heart.

Even working for the kingdom of darkness requires you to sell your soul that’s to show how the soul/heart is the centre of transaction. It is easy to point finger on that rich man for not trading his riches to follow Jesus but majority of us are doing the same.

Following Jesus means you are in the footprint of Jesus. Lot of people want this but are not ready to sell their soul to Jesus in totality; they still harbor and enjoy entertaining desires and thoughts that are not found in or from Jesus

You can walk closely with all the men of God or serve in the church and do all the activities required but can still not be walking wholly with Jesus. He’s saying; drop that habit, stop gossiping, get away from that circle, take the lustful thoughts out your mind, stop thinking everyone is your enemy, don’t go to that particular place etc. it can be anything, He might just want you all for Himself or to fellowship with Him at a Particular time of the day but your coconut head and selfish desires will not allow you follow God in all totality.

Apart from this easy life concept that has been programmed to imprison the souls of men, people allow their journey with Christ to suffer like that of the rich man in the bible because of what they’ve attached their souls/heart unknowingly, e.g. people get to the highest level of education, money, freedom from demonic operations, influence and affluence mostly think that’s all to acquire in God and refuse to stretch further to all God has programmed for their lives. Do you know what happened? They’ve attached their hearts/souls to those things and it brings them arrogance and other impure characters. We even attach our hearts to those little things one would think doesn’t really matter.

Guard your heart with so much diligent for the matters of life flows from it, give it in totality to Jesus, don’t leave out any. Jesus is saying if you must be following Him then sell your soul to Him, submit your heart totally to Him at all cost, I can only tell you that real life is how much of God you have discovered, go deeper in Him there’s depth in God. *Following Jesus in Totality.

You are unstoppable!

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