Resurrected church

The Resurrected Church

The resurrected church is emerging, are you one of us?

But first, word of knowledge …

I saw many taking exams (even spiritual, that is pertaining to destiny) and they passed because of Jesus, they could have failed but because Jesus never fails, they passed. Look to Jesus and hand it over. I saw some of you had worn your dresses for wedding because of His faithfulness.

 I saw that even some people who didn’t think they would make it, made it because His strength made perfect in their weakness. Some people were also hiding from the Lord (via sin) made it. It means Jesus is coming to announce Himself in your life. Hand it over to Jesus, He is near!!

Now God our father, Father of lights has unlimited patience for us. His goodness knows no end. Have you seen Him? His love for us is limitless; He desires mercy triumphs over judgment. He freely forgives and remembers it not, He wants us to keep our focus on Him, and we see who we truly are (identity). A people of love, sons of light #resurrected church.

Now, hear:

If you are not patient with God, you will not be patient with yourself and if you are not patient yourself, you will not be patient with others.

Therefore, we must receive His love for you first; most of us have head knowledge of the Father’s love now it’s time to have a heart reality of His love. The depth of His love is indeed a river. #resurrected church

Sometimes, we try to worship God without striving because we are trying to give Him what we haven’t first received. You cannot love God, yourself or others until you receive that same love from the father. That love you receive maybe inform of patience, kindness, humility, endurance, gentleness, hope, etc.

Apart from this, you will only be sounding as a brass or tinkling cymbal (1 Corinthians 13) meaning that the person will only be an instrument for making sound or noise but inside of them they are nothing but no virtue, no true identity, no patience, no true image after the Son (Jesus Christ).

If you are hard on yourself, you need to stop and start loving yourself. If you are hard on people, you need to receive for yourself love then you will be able to give to others the love you have received. #resurrected church

Believe who He says you are and not who the devil says you are or what people call you. Behold Jesus continually and not your flaws or the devil. His love must be the foundation, it must be the foundation of what we call true love otherwise it will fail. Our love, as He loved us must be patient with God, ourselves and others.

Are you patient with all three personalities? Can you suffer without complaining? Has your patience been stretched and His strength imparted? Have you experienced pain that broke you yet you found it in you to love them? Has your endurance been touched by the Lord? #resurrected church

Or have you been thrown into the fire recently? Do you feel like the trial is getting hotter? Has your comfort been stripped from you? It is because He wants you to bear fruit and you shall bear much fruit. #resurrected church

If so, you have been tried and tested, the true church of Jesus Christ must be tried and tested, that’s the mark put on the bride, His mark, He brands His bride, Rejoice, and it’s not a small thing to be marked by the Lord.

Congratulations, the resurrected church is emerging!

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D’ Blessing Agapekind

You are unstoppable!!!

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  1. Our God is good and merciful….Look to the love of Jesus and not your weaknesses…Thank you Uju for teaching us this

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