Excerpts from Neville Goddard – How to create your reality.

As human with a functioning mind, you can’t stop having inner conversations.

Most of us are not aware that our inner conversations are the causes of the circumstances of our life, we are told “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” but do you know that man’s thinking follows the tracks they’ve done in his inner conversations to turn the tracks to which he is done in the direction which he wants to go he must put off his former conversation which is called “the old man” and be renewed in the spirit of his mind.

Speech is the image of the mind, therefore to change his mind; you must first change his speech. When a man discovers the creative power of inner talking, he will realize his function and his mission in life, then he can act with purpose, without that consciousness he acts purposeless.

Every reality is the manifestation of the mental conversation that goes on in us without being aware and it acts with purpose. A man’s mental conversations attract his life, so as long as there is no change in his inner conversation, the personal history of the man becomes the same.

We attempting to change the world before we change our inner talking is to struggle against the very nature of things, men can go round and round in the same circles of disappointments and misfortunes never seeing them as caused by his own inner negative talking and discussion but rather caused by others, this may seem far-fetched, but it is a manner which aims itself to research and formula.

Have you wondered why most your thoughts and argument comes to reality? We have to begin to sieve our thoughts because the solution to our lives problem lies in it.

The Lord from heaven is trying to become self-conscious in the body by imitating the Father. How do we imitate the Father, the bible says “He calls the things which are not seen to be seen the same way we call forth things with our inner conversations.
Our individual world is the expression of our inner speech, every idle word men shall speak, they shall give account of, by their word they shall be justified and by their word they shall be condemned. We abandoned ourselves to negative inner talking, yet expect to retain the command of life.

Our aggressive mental conversation do not recede in the past as man believes, they advance into the future to confront us as wasting or investing words. My words as a profit shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please and I shall prosper in all the things which I say. The events of life are your inner words made visible and our words can help the people around me too by imagining the scenarios and speaking positive words over them too.

Now is the acceptable time, now is the day of salvation. It is what is done now that counts even though it may not be visible till tomorrow.

Most of us rob others of their willingness and their ability to become kind and generous by our fixed attitude towards them. Our attitudes would unfold within us in the form of mental conversation.

What we desire to see and hear without, we should desire to see and hear within for the whole manifested world goes to show us what use we have made of the word.
If your practices are of controlled inner speaking you too will know what a thrill to say “I told you before it came to pass”. You will be able to consciously use your imagination to transform and channel the immense creation of your inner speech from the mental emotional level to the physical level.

What is your aim about anything?

Does your inner talking match it?

It must match… can two walk together except they agree? The two who must agree is your inner state/ desire and your inner talking. Every stage of a man progress was made by a conscience size of his imagination, matching his inner speech and fulfilled desire, we can lay aside all other processes in the simply act of clear imagination and clear intention.

There are two gifts which God has bestowed on men alone and on no other mortal creature, these two are mind and speech and the gift to mind and speech is equivalent to that of immortality, if a man uses these two gifts rightly he will differ in nothing from the immortals.

With the gift to mind and speech you create circumstances of life… in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God, the word is son, the mind is the Father of the son, they are not separate from the other for life is the union of word and mind, you and your inner talking and word are one.

You are unstoppable!

Love from Abba.

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