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Many have been complacent and reluctant about purpose; place of ordination, call, whatever you could call it but have an understanding of what I am about to communicate. Unknowingly to some this has been the reason for random frustrations and insufficiency.

Child of God your livelihood has been designed to come from what Father have ordained you to do and not your job or business, they will never sustain what He has placed within you or where He is leading you to. What God gave Adam in Genesis was work and not a job, for in work he was sustained.

Each and every one has been built up for a particular work, therefore anything outside of that is an injury to your designated makeup, imagine Steve Jobs the owner of Apple gadgets made an apple phone for communications and that but you decide to use it as a feeding plate for your cat, that right there is an abuse of purpose and waste of resources even to consider how expensive that Apple can be.

What about the generations Father has built you to impact, what do we make out it since you’ve chosen to give maximum concern to other things except the particular thing Father sent you here on earth for.
The restlessness in your spirit will not seize till you accept to walk in your ordination. Your powerlessness is in the rejection of your purpose.

The very and only reason you are on earth is purpose, as powerful as purpose is many of us have not come to the knowledge of what we have been placed on earth to do. A purpose is not you but God’s reason and why. Hear me; you don’t have a business living on earth without purpose because it is not purpose for your life, but for Him even though it is written in the volume of you.

It was on earth the called Him Jesus, in the spirit they call Him the word of God. Purpose is the word of God in you-the purpose in which He created you.

Ecclesiastes 3:1
[1]To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven:

Purpose is always been made to manifest in time, there has been a time designated for everyone to execute what has been imbedded in them aside the daily prompting to execute purpose, we are also being built up for a particular time frame.

You cannot wake up at 93 years old and decide to embrace the assignment God has given you, what about the phase of generations you were sent to, where will the strength come from because with the little I know, ministry of any form can be tasking and draining. The time frame made for you to attract the people you’ve sent has gone.

Spirits cannot be modernized, the same spirit, the same pattern. The ways of the spirit are as capturing as their principles. You have been called to this assignment for a time and a season, wake to it and embrace it. Forget the trend about modernizing the gospel, following the spirit and His pattern for your ordination… that’s the ease you’ve been seeking.

We desire and want what should be an addition to the primary thing, we pursue the extras that should ease us in our purpose and leave the purpose aside. Let me remind you that God’s mercy is long suffering; God is still waiting for you to come into His original plan.

Prayer: Kill my desire to use you to get my fleshy desires dearest Holy spirit for the things which are visible temporary.

I know you are born again, but do you know you can still reject Jesus as a believer by carving out or desiring other ways to live by the way we want things to be done other than the way He wants them to be done. Your powerlessness is in the rejection of your purpose.

The Lord have told you and through His children many things about you and your destiny, the things He has made you and what He will use you for, but we have allowed fear and self-limitation to stop us from allowing them become our reality.

Your future is actually God’s word and purpose for you and never the perverted version you’ve mapped for yourself and that future starts now, we start walking in it right now-today. God is the portion and the future of His people. Look at Abraham here focused on his desire instead of where God was sending him…

Genesis 15:1-2
[1]After these things the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision, saying, “Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward.”
[2]But Abram said, “Lord God, what will You give me, seeing I go childless, and the heir of my house is Eliezer of Damascus?”

We reject the son by rejecting His call and His ways. When you know you are called to be a writer or a prophet or an intercessor, highlight it as the priority of your everyday living for the kingdom sake and watch your life come in alignment.

Stop the being afraid, stop resisting and embrace who you are.

You are unstoppable!
Love from ABBA.

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