2021|| How prepared are you?

2021, happy new year.

Happy new year, I believe we all came in well and if you feel did not, try to compare yourself with those in the grave. I’m sure you can’t that’s the more reason I’m agreeing that you came in well.

In any position you are currently reading this blogpost, I want you to say THANKYOU JESUS and mean it from your heart.

I’m privileged to always get my personal theme of the year from the Lord at every beginning of the year and this is the year GOD’S GLORY WILL BE SEEN IN MY LIFE. Apart from your personal plan (I’m just imagining what you actually planned without God shaa), If in any way you haven’t spent enough time to plan the year with the Lord, Child of God you should start right now because His people will run so fast this year 2021 and you shouldn’t be left out, don’t be like the foolish virgins.

This is not just a blogpost, I’m here to push you to get your house in order for what God will do with you in 2021. Many are going to achieve plenty with little effort but you must be positioned willingly and build a relationship with Him. Don’t be entangled with your plans (hustling as the world calls it) for the year or those things that keeps you occupied outside of God.

Few things to run the year with:

* Stay on the word, this can never be overemphasized. How do you intend to know God more and all He has for you if you don’t spend intentional time fellowshipping in His word? Get in the word guys!

* Intentionally fellowship with the Holy Spirit in the place of prayer. Waiting on the Lord, sit your bum down and wait in Him. Some people are too busy they can’t even pray for one hour. (pray more in tongues)

* Get involved in service, whether in your local church, serving a man of God etc. The bottom line is to just serve.

* Be more disciplined and drop habits that are not pleasing to the Lord (you know those things you do that doesn’t glorify God in anyway) I know this will be by the help of the Spirit of God but your corporation is also need here.

* Do not compare yourself or journey with anyone. Be sincere with yourself more this year and rate yourself always.

* Walk in love.

* Lastly you can join any online fellowship, if you don’t have any please send an email to

You are unstoppable!

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