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Follow God…

I know that challenges can sometimes get so tough, pushing you till you run low on strength. I know you are doing or have done everything you can (pray, fast, exercise faith and expect God to move in a certain way) but listen child of God, God’s ways are different from the ways of men. #Follow God

Majority of the times it doesn’t fit; the way God handles case ‘A’ can differ from case ‘B’.

This life journey with God is extremely personal and unpredictable. Journeying with God requires your total faith and trust in Him and His guide. Don’t ever compare your journey with anyone else. #Follow God

Yes, let them give testimonies every Sunday, let their lives be on speed. Hold your peace and trust your journey with God, He always comes through for His people in ways that gives Him glory.

During the time the children of Israel were suffering and being oppressed by the Midianites, the Lord sent Gideon to rescue them. If you read those chapters you will quite understand that Gideon had low self-esteem and never believed God could use him mightily.

Secondly, the strategy God used to defeat the midianites was totally different from the battle and victory tactics they had ever seen. God went as far as reducing the army of Israel from 22,000 to 300 men.

Follow God

When your strength (that strength you think you have) finishes, that is when God starts if you will only learn to trust Him. This is not a license to leave everything nonchalantly to God. If you read the book of Judges (the story of Gideon), it’s so glaring that Gideon followed and carried out the whole instructions given to him by God for that battle.

There is no following that obedience does not accompany, and for you to obey there must be instruction(s) given. Recently, I was down with so much fever and heartache, I prayed and bound, even called people to pray for me but it was still there.

I sat down one night asking God what to do, He said I should call a particular person and include the person in something, but I didn’t because I don’t want that person in my space, and you know what? My health kept getting worse…

To cut it short, I called the person and did what the Lord asked me to do. Not just that I gained back my health, I discovered I was actually harboring unforgiveness and hurt from past encounters with the person. Making that call and including her relieved me.

What I’m pointing out is, following God comes with instructions. Trusting God is believing for things which are not seen, things which you don’t know how, why, for what reasons or when it should happen.

Child of God, this God loves us so much to leave us stranded with anything in life. One thing I learnt from the story of the Israelites is that whenever they let go of their strength or renounced those idols (things/gods they put trust in other than God), He forgave them, He fought for them and restored them.

If He could do that for a totally stubborn nation, imagine what He can do for you when you let go and let Him. Remember, He sees you the way He sees Jesus.

Just follow God…

You are unstoppable!

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