Building stature


Stature means a special privilege of power and authority one enjoys on their vibrant relationship with God characterized by firm obedience to Him and submission to His authority, Men and women of stature (have)… unbending loyalty to Him and (total) submission to His discipline. Building stature

It will interest you to know that Jesus took out at least eighteen years to prepare for a three and half year ministry.
Jesus was God too, He was anointed without measure, given the highest task to be ever done on earth and was not under limitation of sin even with all these potentials and privileges He didn’t fold His hand, He deliberately applied Himself to mastering the rigors of training, testing and stamina building.

Factually, Jesus spent 90% of His time preparing and 10% of His time manifesting. This means, in the scheme of things, PREPARATION IS THE PRIMARY WHILE MANIFESTATION IS SECONDARY.

No one can ever generate maximum impact for the cause of heaven on earth without having stature. Stature is built in the place of intensive preparation. Building stature for impact…

A healthy relationship with God ensures this—-this means years of laboring in the shadows and looking so oblivious (people won’t know you exist) but do not be chagrinned because the gestation period of destiny is not phenomenon for the cameras.

Little wonder the scripture calls it the secret place (psalms 91:1) but people do not have the patience for the mistakes of apprentices, they only want to have a piece of the result of the master. #building stature

God will stop at nothing to ensure He makes you and I into great representatives of His. The only thing God wants from us are obedience, faith and patience. Building stature for impact…

Excerpts from: Go into the world.
Author: Apostle Arome Osayi

You are unstoppable!


  1. Very true, it is the secret sacrifice that makes all the difference. Thanks for sharing

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