The secret place


We’ve all heard these words “the secret place” but probably don’t know what should be happening or how to get in there, this blog post is to show you why you need the secret place.

To build a relationship with the Father-Spirit of God

The secret place is a place for you and the Lord only, where you capitalize, develop and sustain that special bond you have with the Father, you know that feeling of acceptance you have in your head that God is there for even when no one it-yes, it’s in this place that it becomes strong and tangible to you. You marry the Spirit of God here, you learn to be a bride to Jesus here then the love keeps developing as you visit daily, there becomes real intimacy.

Even though man is all about the cares of this life, seeking one material thing after another, the truth is, we did not fall from the cares of this life, we fell from glory and to get back to our original image, we need to sustain a relationship with the father ( the purpose of redemption).

Aside public gathering, this is a place you pour out your heart. The amazing thing is you don’t need a coordinated prayer here, you’re become open and naked with Him in the secret place.

Practical purging and transformation

This is where the information you’ve accumulated over time are breathed upon. The messages we hear in church, fellowship, read as books come alive in the secret place. The Holy Spirit help you highlight the exact truth you from those information on every season of your life and bring them alive to work in you, they become more effective.
Words are spirits and we receive them into our spirit as we hear them, so, for these words to transform our life and renew us, we need to fellowship with the father of all spirits

The praise you we dance to in the church is to help us forget the cares and burdens of life we had before we entered the church, then the worship clears the mind and connect our heart to the Lord so by the time the word comes our spirit is open to receive it, but it doesn’t end there, we need to continuously visit the secret place to sustain what we received.

In this place, the spirit of the Lord highlights the things that need to leave your life, He makes the conviction become stronger, and suddenly you no longer feel comfortable having evil thoughts for people. Practical purging and transformation begins.

The effect of fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit makes fellowshipping with the word (studying the bible) easier, opening your eyes open to the things you never thought was wrong for you. Have you at some point come to the realization that you need to drop so and so habit? You need to stop having evil thoughts for people? And so many of things like that, that’s the word purging you and there in the place of fellowship you receive the grace to drop them.

Encounter lasting deliverance and breakthrough

Deliverance and breakthrough occurs and is sustained in the secret place. The things we call challenges and unending spiritual battles are mostly result of no consistent one on one time with God. We move from church to church, men of God to the other and stock our phones with different messages but still never create time with God alone (we ignore the most important place to secure). On the flip side, most stubborn afflictions is God bring you closer to Himself, He want to take you into the chambers to find a place at His feet.

God don’t bring afflictions but He knows the enemy would do that, so He uses them for good, “everything works out for good for those that love the Lord”. Many people slow down and remember that there is a God to pray to only when they are broke or experiencing afflictions but on the flip side that is Mercy on display, helping you see the important things you’ve gradually neglected like your personal time with God.

Have you wondered why after binding and casting for a particular breakthrough then few months later the same issue comes back into your life, that because there is no secret place you’re servicing to sustain it.

Shelter and covering

Psalms 91:1
[1]He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
I wrote a blog post on this, read here.

The instructions and keys you need to do this life is in the secret place, it’s in the place of genuine fellowship with the father. Where else do you want to be equipped if not the secret place, stop running here and there looking for what is within reach. Discipline yourself and make it a daily routine to spend time with the father, He is waiting.

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