wailing woman cry of a lioness


Wailing women, the cry of a lioness.

Apostle Arome Osayi’s writing:

For long, we have been praying and asking God for the promise of the revival. He released a little rain and then afterward, he withdrew it. And God answered me and said “the battle formation is not complete yet. “That women will have to open the prayer shaft too so that the great stars from heaven can fight with us”.
I was wondering what God meant, I didn’t know that it would take prayers of women according to God’s ordination to open the shaft of high cherubs of glory and Angelic beings to begin to operate and push this battle line forward so that we can reclaim the ground that the enemy has taken.
It’s not given unto us, men to open the shaft, if not; we would have done that 12 years ago. God said that the women, that is the creatures with wombs must learn how to wail again.
The first time, that this was explored in full length, was in the ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman. Then, we saw that THE POWERS OF PRAYER THAT A WOMAN CAN AMASS, is far more than that of a man. In case you’re not aware, the move of God will only go to the extent to which WOMEN are in partnership with God. So, the purposes of God will only advance when women decide to align with God.
Women are powerful creatures… they’re the men with the womb that have the gate from whence eternity can actualize purposes in time! The story of the journey of a woman is the pathway that she follows, until she kneels before the altar of God. If you are a woman, do not wait to kneel in the days to come. You can kneel now and proclaim Him the Lord of your soul. Defer to Him always and out of your voice, will come the ROAR OF THE LIONESS.
Everything has been done to hinder the manifestation of the lioness. It’s been an old war, but in this end time, we are not likely to win the battle that is ahead of the body of Christ, if the LIONESS is not liberated.
The lioness! She must come forth!!!
She must manifest the strength of the Lord, if only she learns the way of TRAVALS. As a woman, the problems and situations you maybe going through, God allowed it to happen to you, so that you could become a wailer, but you’re here lamenting and crying not knowing that you’ve been marked as a wailer.
In the agenda of God for mankind, women have an important role to play. The church will continually be under siege until women begin to rise up to the task ahead of them. The fullness of capacity God has placed into women will only be realized when she becomes a wailer.
We have arrived at a time when the grace, the unique specialized grace that God has placed upon women must be discovered…
For many years, the church has pretended as though there’s no capacity, no grace, and no endowment of God that can possibly rest upon a woman. Looking at the church history until this time, it’ll tell the story of how crippled we were, walking of crutches because there’s a strength that has not been tapped into yet.
-satan takes advantage of every pain, every problem or situation to break the heart of the sister and make her feel incapacitated, to make her feel that she can amount to nothing, but if she can crisp out of the swamp…
We make a call to the LIONESS!!!
ARISE, O LIONESS!, it’s been long we saw you ROAR, that person that broke your heart and rejected you does not have authority to regulate your life forever, you can come out of that situation, if only the LIONESS in your spirit can hear the clarion call!
I pray that women will be challenged by this – WE AWAIT THE WAILERS!

You are unstoppable!
Love X Uju

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