Come up higher – Come up hither.
Rise above the noise and the chaos and the turbulence.
I want to shift your perspective and realign your perception.
I want to show you the secrets of what is coming.
I am opening up fresh realms of revelation, wisdom and insight.

Come up higher – Come up hither.
Do not be entangled with worldly affairs.
Don’t succumb to the political and partisan spirit.
You are better than that; you are more than one side or the other.
You are a representative of heaven, an emissary of my kingdom.

Come up higher – Come up hither.
Stop seeing the confusion and evil going on around you from merely earthly viewpoint.
It is spiritual and supernatural.
Take a seat beside me; see your surroundings from my position of omnipotence.
Everything is not as it appears from down there.
Come and see.

Come up higher – Come up hither.
Change how you see yourself.
You are not common.
Don’t act ordinary.
You are different.
You are chosen.
You have divinity in your DNA.
Therefore, carry yourself with dignity and decorum.
You are nobility.
That affects how you walk and talk.
Royalty doesn’t demean itself with petty arguments.
Kingship doesn’t get down in the dirt to fight pointless battles.

Come up higher – Come up hither.
Stand tall and unshakable.
I am your confidence; don’t be intimidated by those who shout the loudest.
Insecurity is loud.
Children of the king understand the authority contained in every word they say.
Speak clearly and directly.
Angels are waiting to establish your decrees.

Come up higher – Come up hither.
Break off every hint of poverty or lack.
Stop settling for the scraps this world tosses you.
You have and honored seat at the great banqueting table.
I am your source and provider.
You have access to My abundance.
You will lack nothing.

Come up higher – Come up hither.
In My presence is My power.
In My presence is My provision.
In My presence is My peace.
In My presence is My fresh oil.
In My presence is everything you need.
Come up higher.

Craig Cooney.

You are unstoppable!


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