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I was watching one of Nia-Cerise videos where she shared prophetic dreams she had from the Lord… spiritual maturity is a necessity.

She was standing behind a gate and she saw all of these children running, splinting towards the gate and the closer they came to her the more she began to see them worship and have an encounter with the Lord.

They were experiencing the presence of God essentially as they were feeling Him; it was as almost their hearts were exploding with joy, they were so excited to feel God and His presence so close to them as they came closer to her they were smiling.

Even though they were extremely small children like babies but when she spoke to them it was as though they could actually comprehend and understanding everything she was saying as well as responding in a childlike manner.

She opened the gate, though the gate would have opened wide it was extremely narrow, some of these children had to squeeze themselves in order to cross to the other side.

She began to share with these little babies that the work of the Lord is not going to be sensations and Goosebumps, the work of the Lord is not going to be based on feelings but it requires sacrifice and there are going to be difficult times in your walk, it’s not just going to be joy all through, there are going to be trials, difficulties, tribulations but that doesn’t mean that God is not there or He is not with you, that doesn’t mean the times you don’t feel Him that He’s not with you, it doesn’t mean that He’s not there.

After she shared these realities only a very few of them decided to yield to the sacrifice that it takes and could enter that narrow gate and crossed to the other side the others were still there feeling Goosebumps and the excitements .
As soon as she woke up the Lord led her to a scripture;

13Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there few who find it. You will know them by their fruits. Matthew 7:13-15

These children in her dream signifies babes in the Lord, people very young in the faith in Christ 1 Corinthians 3:1 and they coming to know the Lord for His encounter, for those beautiful experience you first had when you came into faith but not actually willing to sacrifice or walk the narrow gate.

We have many people in this generation who love experiencing the presence of God, love the tickles and emotions but don’t want to live after Him. The sacrifice here is denial of self, the bible says in Matthew 16:25 that we need to lay down our entitlement, our expectations for God to be. #spiritual maturity

We need to tell these people that coming to Christ also require denials, sacrifice and total submission to the Lord, it’s deeper than going to church, feeling His presence and listening to worship songs to feel good.

Staying in Christ is not a place where there is a mix of light and darkness e.g. when you pray for 12 hours, these people complain you pray too much, you meditate for 10 hours they complain you mediate too much, you practice holiness and they mock it, these people are filled In the church. We need to come to a place of spiritual maturity.

These are the cases of so many in the church, they are mixed blood, they have the tendencies of lies and truth at the same time, when the church is too hot they complain, when it’s cold they complain. There is no real fire, that fire that purifies and burns off the flesh.

There is still a hungry remnant. I’m not even talking about those who fall under power and weep under melodies rhythm of the keyboard. Spiritual maturity is a must.

You can cry whenever you worship and when you pray but you need to understand that those tears can mean nothing as far as the tangibility of spiritual hunger is concerned.

We attend Christian meeting, cry our hearts out, and as soon as we walk out the doors of the venue, we are back to the very sin we just promised God we will never go back to, the sin that keeps us on the same spot in our growth.

It’s not about tears, goose bumps, tickles or all the plenty feelings and emotions we have. We need to ask God for help to walk with Him in truth and spirit. Spiritual maturity is a must.

We shouldn’t be satisfied with the goose bumps and neglect kingdom mysteries, the realities of the spirit and all the things that will cause their flesh to die.

Follow Jesus totally, surrender it will bring you to a place complete death.

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You are unstoppable!


  1. I really enjoyed this teaching. Oh God help me to be spiritually matured

    1. The price for spiritual growth is death. Let our desires be found in him

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