I was studying the book of Isaiah 1, the Lord begins to open my eye to why some believers don’t get result.

So many believers struggle in this walk not for lack of knowledge but because they refuse to first, give their heart to God.

You’ve applied all the kingdom principles but things are still not working then this is it… God doesn’t want you to serve Him your own way but serve Him according to His standard alone, anything outside that is your own agenda.

Isaiah 1:2
[2]Listen, O heavens! Pay attention, earth!
    This is what the lord says:
“The children I raised and cared for
    have rebelled against me.

This scripture is referring to the children of Israel as being rebellious and why was He seeing them as rebellious this is because they refuse to give their heart to God but want to serve Him their way and at their convenience.

What is rebellion?

Rebellion is the action or process of resisting authority, control or convention.

The first thing God wants from you is your heart-the total surrendering of your heart to Him, sure, you want to fund the gospel and contribute to the advancement of the kingdom because you read that when you seek the kingdom first every other thing will be added to you but how can you seek His kingdom without Him owning your heart?

Sure you pay tithe, pray, post scriptures and Christian quotes on your social media platform to strengthen other believers but doing all that without giving Him your heart is equivalent to serving your agenda.

Isaiah 1:11
[11]“What makes you think I want all your sacrifices?”
    says the lord.
“I am sick of your burnt offerings of rams
    and the fat of fattened cattle.
I get no pleasure from the blood
    of bulls and lambs and goats.

Until your heart becomes His throne then what is in His throne can come to you. When your heart is in place with God, He begins to give you personal instructions that will liberate you, check these big men of God some of the major challenges they broke out from were through divine instructions, they did not get it by not fully giving their heart to God.

I know some might be thinking rebellion is too big a word to use but verse 19 says “if you will ONLY OBEY me, you will have plenty to eat” when you’re not obeying God you’re disobeying and the bible sees disobedience as rebellion.

Isaiah 1:18-19
[18]“Come now, let’s settle this,”
    says the lord.
“Though your sins are like scarlet,
    I will make them as white as snow.
Though they are red like crimson,
    I will make them as white as wool.
[19]If you will only obey me,
    you will have plenty to eat.

First of all return, return to the Father and lay your heart in consecration to Him to purify your desires, those desires of/in your heart. See, the Lord is ready to give you all you desire from Him right now but the question is will it take you away from Him and your purpose or closer to Him?

The devil too knows how to use these opportunities well, for example, as God releases massive wealth to you right would you think the kingdom first your family? Will you be able to wait in prayers to ask for direction on what to do with the money?

I know this might be hard to swallow but the more you rebel against the will of God for your life the more you attract the opposite of His will for you.

There might be generational curses and all manner of oppressions in your life but as you give Him your heart first, the instructions He starts giving you after that are all you need, you can do all the warfare prayers, run to one man of God to the other without surrendering your heart, you won’t still get any result.

For some of you He’s looking for deeper fellowship with you, He wants to draw you in for more but you want to be doing casual Christianity, in fact the reason you gave your life to Christ is for sharp sharp solution/result.

 Follow Him and give Him your heart, stay in fellowship with Him rather than these trial and errors you’ve been doing.

God knows you more than anybody or anything, He is the Alpha and omega meaning He knows the beginning and the end even in-between.

Give your heart wholly to Him first.

In giving Him your heart also requires you to stay in the secret place, develop a genuine fellowship with Him.

You are unstoppable!


  1. Thank you…Seek ye first the kingdom of God and that kingdom starts with total surrender to his will for us

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