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When i received Christ, i had to understand as a believer studying the word of God is as essential as the air we breathe especially for the renewal of mind and growing spiritually. Study the bible…

Here i am with my bible struggling to open it, sometimes with consistency, sometimes the Bible looks so boring, sometimes it’s difficult to focus but I’ve discovered one way that works.

From the research and experience i found this S.O.A.P method easier for a beginner or someone struggling, i pray it helps your journey the way it helped me as a beginner. 

The devil doesn’t care if you read your bible or not,he only cares when you start applying it to your life — how do you do that?

Firstly, invite the Holy Spirit to come in, to be your teacher, guide, to open your eyes and inner mind, to see things you can’t see with the carnal mind, invite the Him then proceed with the s.o.a.p method. #study the bible

S –┬áSCRIPTURE: This is simply picking a Scripture from the bible, it doesn’t have to be a full chapter, it can just be one verse, slow down to read and understand, its simply just finding a Scripture and reading it, then the next step….

OOBSERVATION:  This is taking(digesting) what you just read, observe/understand what the Scripture actually means.

Re-read it,understand the story of the context of what you read,for example, Isaiah 45:1 “I am the God that hides Himself” observe He said He hides Himself meaning He want you to seek Him and find Him,He hides on purpose that we may search for Him,He hides so that you can provoke investigation,once you observe you move to the next which is……

AAPPLY:understanding the Scripture you just read then the next question is “how do i apply it to my life? And if i do,how will it change my life?”

The answer is spending more time with God,engaging yourself with anything that concerns Him,Submitting totally to His Lordship.

Does that make sense? This then brings us to the final step.

PPRAYER: Once we read,observe,apply then we must pray,thanking God for teaching us something new through that scripture,pray that God enables you to apply it to your life that it wont just be a revelation but a way of living.

I pray this method be of help to you. If it’s a scripture you can tally with, pray it till manifests physical in your life. Study the bible…

Okay….. hope we did justice here,if it this helped please leave a message in the comment section for others to learn.

You are unstoppable!


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