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Couple of days ago, I was so down-with what we call depression, I could barely open my mouth to commune with the Lord with words. I picked up my bible to study but I still fell blocked (I find it difficult studying in a depressed state). Prayer journal

I tried calling a friend but deep down my heart, I never wanted to talk to an actual person instead I found myself writing. At first I was writing my thought, expressing myself but I noticed that what felt like my thought at first became divine words from God.

He was speaking back at me in the most beautiful and comforting words.

What happened to me that day was me praying via writing and God was responding through written words that flow from within. This is the definition of light out of darkness, I was so in a dark place but in that darkness, light erupted.

It wasn’t my first time writing to God but that particular day was intentional, it was amazing I never had it like that before, it was easy, comforting and I noticed I voiced out some words later(I eventually said something to God via spoken words). Prayer journal

The burdens disappeared, my mind gained clarity, and the fears vanished.

This is another amazing way to communicate with Papa, it probably might contradict what you’ve been taught but dare to pick up a journal and pen to make prayers and experience the most refreshing moment with the Spirit of God.

Sometimes it is okay to shut yourself out of this recklessly busy world and fellowship in a different way. Spending time with The Holy Spirit mustn’t be the traditional way it has been portrayed to us. Prayer journal

I journal myself out of depression, I expressed my self to God the way I wanted, I Him told about the fears, the anxiety and how peace less I’ve become of late, sometimes you don’t need a coordinated prayers, say it to God as it(it helps), this is you acknowledging that He is your all, without Him you can’t be.

I went further expressing how difficult it has been believing He loves me and instantly I fell that love deep down the centre of my being, I don’t know how but it happened. The atmosphere that was dark and gloomy changed and became this sweet, refreshing thing that I lack words to express.

I know you’ll probably say “you are a writer so it’s easy for you” the truth is I don’t enjoy writing but journaling my prayers is something I now enjoy and its obvious I picked it as a habit. Prayer journal

Those words sprung from my spirit that is to tell you that what we have in this kingdom are treasures, a huge and rare advantage that can be found nowhere. I often tell people He is so close, closer than we think or imagine then having a conversation with Him via writing made it more real.

This is a season of clarity and transition and one of the ways to gain clarity (that clarity) you’ve been seeking is writing to God.

Hebrews 11:6
[6]And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.

They that come must believe meaning for you to write is to acknowledge that you are communicating with a Being which makes your heart expectant for a response. This is faith in expression, because you believe you’re talking to God.

David was the first person in the bible that journal prayers, how do you think those psalms came about? He wasn’t talking to any one physical, he was writing his thought to God.

Writing to God is a masterpiece, your faith increases, you experience the manifest refreshing power of the Holy Spirit which heals and comforts.

You are unstoppable!
Love X Uju


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